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Old-Fashioned Service. Honesty. Integrity. Valued Products... Since 1995

Material Handling, Loading Dock and Storage Equipment Specialists

Old-Fashioned Service. Honesty. Integrity. Valued Products... Since 1995

Dock Plates, Rail and Dock Boards, Aluminum-Steel, New and Used, Columbus, Ohio

Seamlessly bridge the gap between loading docks and trucks, trailers and shipping containers with an aluminum or steel Dock Plate or Dock Board! Dock Plates/Boards provide an inexpensive and immediate option to creating an efficient and safe environment to load or unload trucks from an elevated dock location. While these Dock Plates are easy to use, getting the correct one takes a bit more thought, we’ll address that at the end.

Before we do, let’s talk about the difference between the two…

Dock Plates are smaller, lighter and have less capacity (1,500 lbs. to 10,000 lbs.) than Dock Boards. They are used primarily in applications where foot traffic, hand trucks or a pallet jack is used, non-motorized traffic. They are generally constructed of aluminum and do not have side curbs. They include legs which prevents the Plate from slipping or sliding during use. The are constructed of diamond plate aluminum and are designed to be moved by hand. Dock Plates have either an imbedded handles or exterior handles for movement. Dock Plates come in a wide range of sizes and capacities. Like Dock Boards, they are specifically sized to each unique application (more on that below).

  • Recommended for Use with Non-Powered Loading Equipment
  • Hand Holes & Standard for Portability
  • Widths from 30” to 84”
  • Lengths from 24” to 84”
  • Capacities are Size-Specific
  • Bolt-On Steel Legs for Securing Position Between the Dock & the Trailer
  • Beveled Edges Allow for Smooth Transition
  • Diamond Tread Plate is Skid Resistant

Dock Boards: Are similar in design and construction as Dock Plates but Dock Boards are larger and have greater capacities (10,000-40,000 lbs.). They are designed for motorized traffic, like forklifts and tow motors. They are constructed of both aluminum and steel. They include aluminum or steel side curbs which can be welded or bolted on. They include legs which prevents the Board from slipping or sliding during use. They include “locking pins” which keeps the board in place when motorized traffic is traveling over it. Due to their overall weight, Dock Boards include forklift pockets so the Board can be easily moved with a forklift.

Aluminum is used in lighter capacity applications as the board is lighter in overall weight and easier to move. Steel is used in heavier applications. Standard lip lengths for conventional trailers is 11″, with an option of 14″ for refrigerated applications. Widths from 48″ to 84″, and lengths from 36″ to 96″.

  • All-Welded Steel Construction
  • Double-Bend Design
  • Capacities from 15,000 to 40,000 lbs.
  • Two Four-Hole Pin Pockets Placed on each Edge for Flexible Positioning
  • Above and Below Dock Loading
  • Fold-Down Lifting Loops & Double-Bend Design
  • Use with Conventional, Refrigerated, or Container Trailers, or for Below Dock Conditions
  • Widths from 60” – 96”
  • Lengths from 48” – 120”
  • Can be Used for Below Dock Applications

Rail Boards: Similar in design to Dock Boards, Rail Boards bridge the gap between docks and rail cars for safe loading and unloading. All rail boards are designed and built to match the specific dock conditions, so each rail board is custom made to suit your individual specifications and can work successfully with any type of railcar. They have a capacity of 15,000-90,000 lbs.

Lifting loops and locking rings make the rail board easy to place and secure before driving across it with a forklift. To use… First position the rail board next to the railcar. The locking ring will automatically secure the rail board against the dock. Box under structure bumpers fit around the car latches to protect door latch. Custom Rail Boards require a worksheet to be completed prior to order entry and can be built and shipped in 10-12 working days!

  • All-Steel Welded Steel Construction
  • Box Under Structure for Strength & Safety
  • Heavy-Duty Locking Rings for Safe, Secure Positioning
  • Lifting Loops Drop into Recessed Pockets
  • Designed and Built to Match the Specific Dock Conditions

Now for the important stuff… How to determine the correct size and capacity of Dock Board…

Dock Board Capacity: Dock Plates and Boards take several factors into consideration. First, the general rule of thumb for Dock Board capacity is to multiply a four wheeled forklifts capacity by three or multiply capacity by four when the forklift has three wheels. This simple calculation ensures your Dock Board has the capacity to handle the live load weight while providing equipment longevity. NOTE: If used in excess of 8 hours a day, move up to the next weight capacity.

Dock Board Width: To improve economy and reduce the need to reposition the board we recommend a minimum dock board width of 12″ to 18″ wider than the overall width of the equipment being used.

Dock Board Length: When selecting a Dock Board always note the highest and lowest truck you will be loading. Generally, a Dock Board used with all equipment types should never exceed a 14% grade, while gas forklifts shouldn’t exceed 19%. Ensuring your Board meets these criteria reduces the speed the forklift needs to climb into a truck; while also limiting the stress the board undergoes every time a piece of equipment transitions on and off the ramp.

Example: A 5″ differential (Truck Height – Dock Height) would require either
42″ Length for Gas Forklifts
54″ Length for All Equipment

We stock and sell Dock Plates, Boards and Rail Boards from leading manufacturers like Bluff Manufacturing, Vestil Manufacturing, Eagle-Justrite and Copperloy Products.

In addition, we also carry a full line of Portable Steel Yard Ramps, Stationary Steel Yard Ramps, Mini Yard Ramps, Yard Ramps with Casters, Container Ramps, Crossover Ramps / Fracking Ramps, Cable Ramps, Aluminum Walk Ramps and Curb Ramps.

All of our Dock Boards, Plates and Rail Boards are proudly manufactured in the USA.

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