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Selective Pallet Rack-Teardrop, Keystone Warehouse Shelving, New & Used. Columbus, Ohio

Selective Pallet Rack is the most popular, functional and cost-effective type of Storage Rack in the industry. It is generally considered the best solution for general bulk storage as it can store a variety of items. While there are several different types and styles (most of the more unusual ones are proprietary to their specific manufacturers) of Selective Pallet Racking like Keystone, Penco Slotted, Lyon, Ridg-U-Rak Slotted, etc., the most common type is Teardrop Style. Teardrop Style Pallet Rack has been the industry standard for decades and continues to be the most popular and readily available type of Pallet Rack on the market.

One unique feature of Selective Pallet Rack is its adaptability… it can adapt and change as your business needs change. It is fully adjustable (on 2″ centers) and can be changed or moved with relative ease. Installation is not difficult as no tools are required to assemble.

Pallet Rack comes in three basic components… Beams, Uprights and Wire Deck Panels. A bit about each…

BEAMS: Pallet Rack Beams come in a wide range of different lengths, heights and capacities. Each Beam length comes in different weight capacities. Beams capacities are rated “per pair”, not individually. Beam weight capacities are calculated as a combination of the height and length of the Beam. The most standard size Beam (by far) is 96”L… the perfect length to store two standard sized skids (48” x 40”) side-by-side. One easy way (though not definitive) to determine the style of your Rack is the color. Generally, Teardrop style Beams are orange in color and Keystone is yellow.

  • Standard in-stock Beam lengths: 48″, 60″, 72”, 96″, 108″, 120″, 144″ and 168″ lengths

  • Standard in-stock Beam heights: 2.75″, 3.66″, 4″, 4.5”, 5″, 6″ and 6.5″ heights

The number of connection points (or “fingers” as they are commonly referred to as) on the end connector plates is determined by capacity (three being the most common on Beams less than 5,000 lbs. capacity). New Beams all come with safety clips which vary in design from Manufacturer to Manufacturer (some are designed like a “spring” and others like a “clip”). These clips prevent the Beam from becoming disconnected from the Upright in the event that a fork or skid raises the underside of the Beam which could dislodge the entire shelf. Safety clips SHOULD ALWAYS BE USED in every Pallet Rack application. A standard nut and bolt can be used where no safety clip currently exists.

UPRIGHTS: Uprights, like Beams come in a wide range of different heights, depths and capacities. They are built in both open and closed tubular designs (open being by far the most common). Uprights have traditionally always been fully welded but recently, Interlake-Mecalux has introduced a new “bolted design” which has become popular and more cost effective. These Uprights incorporate the horizontal and vertical cross members (which are constructed of galvanized steel) to be bolted to the roll formed columns. One unique aspect of this design is it allows for the user to easily repair the Upright by simply replacing the single damaged column.

  • Standard in-stock Upright Heights: 96”, 120”, 144”, 168” and 192” and 240” heights

  • Standard in-stock Upright Depths: 24”, 36”, 42” and 48” heights

Standard column dimensions are: 3” x 1 5/8” and 3” x 3”. Capacities for both vary from Manufacturer to Manufacturer based on their individual methods of testing. Standard depths (front-to-back) are 24”D, 36”D, 42”D and 48”D. Of course, any size (height, depth and capacity) of Upright can be ordered, the drawback is a lengthy lead time!

WIRE MESH DECK PANELS: The design and manufacture of Wire Mesh Deck Panels has come a long way in terms of design and construction in the past 20 years. Decades ago, wood was commonly used to create a support for skids (most Pallet Rack Beams have a 1 5/8” step on the inside of them to support the wood) but as technology has increased, the cost to manufacture them has decreased significantly. This coupled with the cost of wood increasing, Wire Deck Panels have become a better functioning, safer and more economical method to support product on Pallet Rack shelves. Wire Decks come in two basic designs, a “channel deck” and a “flared deck” design.

There are a range of different Wire Deck solutions to accommodate every application. They include…

  • Standard U-Channel (and Inverted U-Channel) Deck: Often referred to as Waterfall Wire Decks or Decking, these Decks are designed for standard 1 5/8” step Pallet Rack Beams. The have a “waterfall” design (generally 1.5” outside waterfall) as they lap over the front and back of the Beam. This feature keeps the Deck from sliding or moving during loading. Wire Deck Panels have support channels welded to the bottom of the wire which supply the load bearing capacity. Most decks include three support channels to get the standard 2,500 lbs. capacity. Higher capacity decks or dechttps://mmhonline.com/ks wider than 52” include four channels per deck. Step channels provide greater strength than flared channels. In some applications, such as food storage, inverted channels are used to prevent product from catching in the body of the channel.

  • Flared Channel Waterfall Decks: These decks are used on beams (many older beams did not include an inside step) where no inside step exists or beams with different size steps. The channel of the deck is “flared” and simply rests on top of the beam.

  • Structural/Flared Deck: Similar in design to U-Channel Decks, these are designed for use on Structural Pallet Rack Beams (C-Channel Beams) and come in both a standard channel and a flared channel.

  • Flat/Flush Decks: These unique Wire Decks do not have the waterfall feature; the deck ends at the inside edge of the beam. Flush decks can be made with an inside waterfall or flat flush edge where the end wire comes to the inside edge of the beam. The Decks are commonly used on lower levels and for hand stacking and order picking applications.

  • Light Duty Decks (for Wide Span or Rivet/Boltless Shelving): Generally, a flat type of wire decking, light duty decking is a superior replacement for particle board and can be used in a wide range of applications. It is constructed of 5-gauge wire and a 2” x 4” grid pattern.

MOST COMMON IN-STOCK SIZES: 24”D x 46”W, 24”D x 58”W, 36”D x 46”W, 36”D x 52”W, 36”D X 58”W, 42”D x 46”W, 42”D x 52”W, 42”D x 58”W, 48”D x 46”W, 48”D X 52”W, 48”D x 58”W and 60”D x 46”W.

We have a whole webpage dedicated to Wire Deck Panels, for more detail… click here!

We represent virtually every major Pallet Rack Manufacturer in the country including… Interlake-Mecalux, Husky Rack & Wire, Ridg-U-Rak, Unarco, Bulldog Rack, Lyon, Penco and Steel King.

We stock the most common sizes of Teardrop Style Uprights, Beams and Wire Deck Panels in our Plain City Ohio office, all available for same day pick-up. 


All of our Pallet Rack products are proudly manufactured in the USA!

Advantages include:

Allow our team of experienced professionals to help you create and design a storage rack system specific to your unique application!


Simply measure from the inside of Upright column to inside of Upright column.
Beam capacities are calculated as a combination of the height and length of the Beam.
Yes and no. Most Manufacturers make a proprietary style which is all their own and is not interchangeable with any other brand. Standard Teardrop style is fully interchangeable, regardless of the Manufacturer or when it was built.
96”L is by far the most common. It is the perfect length to store two standard sized skids (48” x 40”) side-by-side.
We have found that the 96”H, 144”H and 192”H Uprights are the most commonly sold.
The 42” depth is by far the most common as it is the perfect depth to store 48”D x 40”W standard size skids/pallets.
3” x 1 5/8” (~13,000 lbs. to 18,000 lbs. capacities) and 3” x 3” (~21,000 lbs. to 30,000 lbs. capacities).
This is an often-asked question… While no specific OSHA requirement like that exists, it is universally recommended by all Manufacturers that the Uprights be bolted to the floor.

The age-old question… While it is impossible to totally prevent this type of damage from occurring (short of improved forklift operator training), we have found that while many products exist in the marketplace to try to prevent damage, the basic 12”H, 18”H or 24”H Steel Protector works the best! They are probably also the least expensive method to protect Uprights from damage.

Absolutely! Any Upright column post above the height of the lowest Beam level becomes wasted Upright and in turn, wasted $!

Yes. All new Beams include safety clips which vary in design from Manufacturer to manufacturer. For USED Beams we suggest a nut and bolt, which is the safest, most assured way to preventing a Beam from becoming dislodged.

One important, but often overlooked detail is to make sure you include the width of the Uprights in your layout. The vast majority of Pallet Rack Uprights we sell have a 3” column width.

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