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Material Handling, Loading Dock and Storage Equipment Specialists

Old-Fashioned Service. Honesty. Integrity. Valued Products... Since 1995

Yard Ramps (Steel)-Portable Dock, Mobile, Mini, Stationary. New-Used, Rental-Ohio

Steel Yard Ramps are an economical, portable and efficient method to unload trucks or containers in an area where no permanent or in-ground freight dock or dock leveler exists. Steel Yard Ramps allow the user to off-load semi-trailers with a forklift from ground level. Yard Ramps are the perfect solution for users who are renting space and no permanent Dock Leveler exist. Installing an inground Dock Leveler is a major construction project, steel Yard Ramps can be installed in less than an hour! They come in several different types, sizes and capacities which we will explore in more detail below…

Portable Steel Yard Ramps: These versatile Ramps (or as they are more commonly referred to as Mobile Loading Dock Ramps or Mobile Ramps) makes loading or unloading of semi-trailers or Rail cars efficient, effortless and most importantly safe! These units are designed to be moved from location to location and are perfect for mobile freight handling or construction sites. Portable Ramps come in a wide range of capacities from 16,000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs., widths from 70”W to 96”W and lengths from 30’L to 36’L. These Ramps have an adjustable working range of 38”H to 65”H. Many include a level off platform positioned at the top of the ramp (the top side that enters the trailer). *NOTE: Mini Yard Ramps also available.

Portable Aluminum Yard Ramps: Similar to the Steel Yard Ramps above but constructed of aluminum, which significantly reduces overall weight (up to 24% lighter), improves ease of handling and reduces shipping/transportation costs. Generally, Aluminum Yard Ramps have a slightly lower capacity and are not available in as many models as the Steel Ramps. These Yard Ramps are also available galvanized.

Portable Yard Ramps come in a wide range of available options including:

  • Handrails and Guardrails

  • Positioning Sleeve

  • Edge of Dock (EOD) or Pit Leveler

  • Platform Connection

  • Ladder or Stairs

  • Hinged Lip

  • Bumpers

  • Fixed or Adjustable Legs

  • Pneumatic Wheels (including solid filled pneumatic tires for rugged terrain which eliminates punctures and air pressure issues)

  • Caster Jack Legs

  • Fork Pockets

  • Expanded Metal Added to Apron for Enhanced Traction

  • Full Steel Tread Plate Deck

  • Truck Restraint Connection

Dock-to-Ground Ramps: Occasionally referred to as a Stationary Yard Ramp, these Dock-to-Ground Ramps are similar in design to Mobile Ramps as they are designed for a more permanent installation. They are the perfect solution where there is an elevated dock door but no Dock Leveler or Loading Lift exists. These versatile Ramps are positioned to the height of the Dock and simply anchored into the concrete. This allows forklift traffic as well as fleet vehicles entry from a lower grade level to inside of building. They can also be attached to a steel platform crating an instant Loading Dock in any remote location. These units feature standard widths up to 120”W and capacities up to 60,000 lbs. Dock to Ground Ramps can accommodate just about any unique loading application. Unlike concrete ramps, mobile loading dock ramps can be relocated when needed. Total installation time is a few hours at most!

Standard ramps are designed with a 15” lip that rests on the dock. This design allows the ramp to flex as loads move up and down the ramp. Deck grating is constructed of serrated steel for superior strength and improved traction. These units include a 7” curb height which prevents accidental vehicle runoff during the loading process. Chains and brackets, designed to secure the Ramp to the building are provided on every dock-to-ground ramp. These dock to ground ramps require minimal cleaning and repair. In addition, they’re designed to be installed quickly, simple mobilization/demobilization and stored easily.

Portable Dock Platforms/Outdoor Loading Dock: These unique ramps are a combination of Yard Ramp and Steel Platform with steel tread plate decking. The also come in a range of sizes from 8’6”W to 12’ long. These units generally come with fixed steel legs (no adjustment). Oner important factor to consider when selecting a Portable Dock Platform is these are not designed to abord semi-truck and trailer impact. In applications where truck impact in inevitable, we install steel pipe bollards imbedded in concrete with rubber dock bumpers welded on.

USED Yard Ramps as well as short and long-term rentals, also available. Contact our team of professionals and let us show you how easy the process can be. We represent quality Manufacturers like Bluff Manufacturing, Vestil Manufacturing and Copperloy (JH) Products.

All of our Yard Ramps and Portable Dock Platforms are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Advantages include:

Allow our team of experienced professionals to help you create and design a storage rack system specific to your unique application!


Sometimes referred to as a portable or mobile Loading Dock, a Yard Ramp is a steel ramp that allows forklift loading and unloading of trailers and containers where no Dock Leveler or loading device exists.
Yard Ramps can be used virtually anywhere. They are particularly useful on construction sites or remote locations. Yard Ramps are much more economical (and quicker to install) than installing a Loading Dock Leveler. Another benefit is you get to take it with you when you leave!
Absolutely not, they are totally mechanical in design.
Yes, a flat surface allows for the safe operation of the Ramp.
Dock-to-Ground Ramps are Steel Yard Ramp that is more permanently installed. It is anchored to the foundation or the building to create stability and safety. It is less portable than a Mobile Ramp.
Chains are used to prevent the Ramp from moving or puling away from the building during use.
These Ramps allow for fleet vehicles or forklifts to enter the dock door of an industrial building from the ground level when no ramp exists.
You sure can, that’s one of the greatest benefits of a Yard Ramp… all of the different types are totally portable!
16,000 lbs. (forklift capacity up to 5,333 lbs.), 20,000 lbs. (forklift capacity up to 6,667 lbs.), 25,000 lbs. (forklift capacity up to 8,333 lbs.) and 30,000 lbs. (forklift capacity up to 10,000 lbs.)
We have found that 84” is the most common width.
They sure are! We rent these Ramps almost as often as we sell them. The biggest cost incurred in renting a Yard Ramp is freight /shipping to your location.

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