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Old-Fashioned Service. Honesty. Integrity. Valued Products... Since 1995

Drive-In/Drive-Through and Pushback Rack, Installation, New & Used, Ohio

Drive-In/Drive-Through Rack is a specialized type of racking system which allows forklifts to enter the rack and store pallets by driving into the storage lanes. This design maximizes storage density but may reduce accessibility to individual pallets since you have to remove the front pallets to access the pallets at the rear (when installed against a wall or where no rear lane access exists). It’s highly effective for storing massive quantities of different SKUs with similar sizes pallets but with multiple. 

Realistically… Drive-In/Drive-Through Racking it is the simplest, most affordable and efficient method for bulk storage available in the today’s marketplace!

Drive-in/Drive-Through Racks is comprised of multiple racks with a series of lanes accessed by forklifts to deposit or retrieve pallets. Compared to conventional pallet racking, this solution significantly increases storage capacity. These racks are designed in two configurations: Drive-in (pallets are loaded and unloaded from the same working aisle) or Drive-Through (pallets are loaded through the front aisle and unloaded through the rear aisle). Drive-In Rack is particularly effective and a preferred method of storage for FIFO (first-in, first-out, opposite side) storage applications.

Drive-in Racking is commonly used in cold bay or freezer storage, large city logistics centers (due to its ability to store large quantities in a relatively small space footprint) and online retailers/order fulfillment.


Pushback Rack is a much more specialized storage system and is particularly effective for FILO (first-in, last-out) warehouse designs as the first item stored will be the last to be pulled. As a result, it is a preferred method for single SKU applications. Pushback Rack also works well for items with no expiration dates and a long shelf life. Pushback rack offers greater flexibility of varying pallet sizes. Push-Back allows multiple product storage conformations to ensure excellent selectivity. Nesting carriages of this versatile system, deep store five pallets at a time. The result is extremely high pick-flows from all lane entrances facing the work aisle.

As each pallet is loaded, it is placed on the free-rolling carriage and pushed back into the lane by loading additional pallets. Gravity moves the pallets forward to the aisle on the telescopic carriages during unloading. As such, no reaching or equipment driving into the rack is necessary.

Push Back Racking’s structural cart construction with its debris-free design is perfect for food or food service applications. Available with multiple accessory options and layouts, each push back solution depends on warehouse capacity, number and type of items to store, model and size of pallets in use, as well as each customer’s operating system. Push Back Racks provide unparalleled versatility and storage for any sector or business model (e.g. multi-channel, omnichannel, etc.).

Improved efficiency from 25-60% from the use of Pushback Racks and you can store up to 6 pallets deep (12 deep when installed back-to-back)!

COST: The major downside of Pushback Racking is it is the costliest of all bulk storage methods we sell. A large reason for the increased cost is the rolling carts or nests must be outsourced as they are not a product manufactured by the Pallet Rack Manufacturer. Also, due to its specialized design, Pushback Racks are difficult to find on the used market.

Allow out team or experienced professionals to assist you in designing a Drive-In Rack or more specialized Push-Back system!

Advantages include:

NOTE: While drive-in racks offer many specialized advantages, it is important to consider that they may not be the best choice for all types of inventories as accessibility to individual pallets are limited and the rack systems may not be suitable for fast-moving goods or inventory with varying SKU’s.

Allow our team of experience professionals to help you create and design a storage rack system specific to your unique application!

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