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Wire Mesh Decking-Deck Panels (Pallet Rack, Wide Span & Rivet Shelving), New & Used, Columbus, Ohio

Wire Mesh Deck Panels are one of the three basic components of a Pallet Rack system (Beams, Uprights and Wire Decks). Wire Decks have had a bit of an evolution… 30 years ago we exclusively used wood (2” x 6” or 2” x 8”) to support the skids on the Pallet Rack shelves. Wood evolved into steel “Flanged Cross Bars” which were basically 2” x 4”’s but constructed of steel and featured the ability to Tek screw in the front and back to keep them from moving and secure. These Flanged cross Bars created exponentially greater capacity than wood. At that time, Wire Deck Panels were being hand welded and were extremely expensive to manufacture as they were built by primarily by hand. As robotic welding technology was introduced and became more common, the cost to manufacture and distribute these Decks came down considerably. For the past 20 years or so they have been a staple in a 3-part standard Pallet Rack system!

Welded steel wire decks generally feature 2-1/2″x 4″ wire openings with a powder coated or gray baked enamel finish and heavy gauge steel channel supports. Unlike wood or metal decking, wire decks permit light, air and sprinkler penetration. They are self-cleaning and maintenance free. Wire decks also allow a clear view of upper tiers, minimize dust or debris accumulation and protect employees and products. Most importantly, Wire Decks maintain the capacity integrity of the pallet rack system. Wire decks are easy to install, they just drop into place (no tools required).


  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved visibility for inspection of inventory
  • Minimizes dust and dirt build-up
  • Improves air circulation
  • Decreases insurance costs
  • Improves effectiveness of overhead sprinklers
  • Meets fire code standards

There are a range of different Wire Deck solutions to accommodate every application. They include…

Standard U-Channel (and Inverted U-Channel) Deck: Often referred to as Waterfall Wire Decks or Decking, these Decks are designed for standard 1 5/8” step Pallet Rack Beams. The have a “waterfall” design (generally 1.5” outside waterfall) as they lap over the front and back of the Beam. This feature keeps the Deck from sliding or moving during loading. Wire Deck Panels have support channels welded to the bottom of the wire which supply the load bearing capacity. Most decks include three support channels to get the standard 2,500 lbs. capacity. Higher capacity decks or decks wider than 52” include four channels per deck. Step channels provide greater strength than flared channels. In some applications, such as food storage, inverted channels are used to prevent product from catching in the body of the channel.

Flared Channel Waterfall Decks: These decks are used on beams (many older beams did not include an inside step) where no inside step exists or beams with different size steps. The channel of the deck is “flared” and simply rests on top of the beam.

Structural/Flared Deck: Similar in design to U-Channel Decks, these are designed for use on Structural Pallet Rack Beams (C-Channel Beams) and come in both a standard channel and a flared channel.

Flat/Flush Decks: These unique Wire Decks do not have the waterfall feature; the deck ends at the inside edge of the beam. Flush decks can be made with an inside waterfall or flat flush edge where the end wire comes to the inside edge of the beam. The Decks are commonly used on lower levels and for hand stacking and order picking applications.

Light Duty Decks (for Wide Span or Rivet/Boltless Shelving): Generally, a flat type of wire decking, light duty decking is a superior replacement for particle board and can be used in a wide range of applications. It is constructed of 5-gauge wire and a 2” x 4” grid pattern.

MOST COMMON IN-STOCK SIZES: 24”D x 46”W, 24”D x 58”W, 36”D x 46”W, 36”D x 52”W, 36”D X 58”W, 42”D x 46”W, 42”D x 52”W, 42”D x 58”W, 48”D x 46”W, 48”D X 52”W, 48”D x 58”W and 60”D x 46”W.

Call for information on a wide range of Wire Mesh Deck Panels for virtually any application. We sell Wire Mesh Deck Panels for use on Pallet Rack, Bulk Rack, Steel Shelving, Widespan Shelving and Rivet Shelving. These decks come in a wide range of styles, sizes and capacities. Choose from our wide variety of stock & quick ship sizes and capacities. Or, let us design and build a custom deck to your specifications!

We stock and sell Wire Decking from leading Manufacturers including: Nashville Wire Products, ITC Manufacturing, Nelson Wire and Steel, Husky Rack and Wire and Cogan Wire Products.

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