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Old-Fashioned Service. Honesty. Integrity. Valued Products... Since 1995

Material Handling, Loading Dock and Storage Equipment Specialists

Old-Fashioned Service. Honesty. Integrity. Valued Products... Since 1995

Conveyor Systems-Expandable, Roller, Gravity and Ball Transfer

Conveyor Systems: are designed and manufactured in many styles to suit most every unique application. Standard conveyor types include:

Roller Gravity Conveyors: Roller gravity conveyors are constructed of Steel, Galvanized Steel or Aluminum and are ideal for moving materials with complex or flat bottoms along extended distances. Straight and curved gravity conveyors provide economical and flexible material handling solutions around unique locations. Roller conveyors come in various lengths, widths and capacities to suit most every application.

Ball Transfer Conveyors: Rotation conveyors are ideal for workstations that require quick, easy handling of a product. Also these units are ideal when more than two conveyor lines converge and packages must be transferred from one line to another. Custom design your own system utilizing Ball Transfer Conveyor Platforms, Ball Transfer Conveyor Strips as well as Single Support Balls.

Skate Wheel Gravity: Skate Wheel Gravity Conveyors are designed for maximum strength to move the heaviest products. Skate Wheel Conveyors offer smooth movement of multi-sized cartons and totes. Skate Wheel Gravity Conveyors have galvanized steel channel frame with hook and rod coupling. Gravity Conveyors generally feature 2″ diameter ball bearing plated wheels on 3″ axle centers.

Power Belt: Power conveyors provide a versatile means of handling a variety of products throughout your facility. Flat Belt Conveyors are ideal for use in assembly, sorting and production. Power conveyors include permanent adjustable leg supports that are adjustable for added convenience. Motorized conveyors feature various reversing as well as non-reversing belt speeds using totally enclosed motors. Electric motor conveyors include an on/off switch for 115V use.

Pallet and Skid Conveyors: Allow maximum use of floor space, move pallets and stage shipments without tying up your Forklifts and Pallet Jacks. These industrial conveyor systems easily transport fully loaded pallets and skids throughout your warehouse floor or loading dock. Roller bed skid conveyors are made with all welded zinc-plated steel that resists rust and corrosion. Pallet conveyors feature couplers to join conveyor sections together. Pallet movers include spring-loaded rollers that are set low in frame and mounted on 3″ centers.

Portable, Flexible and Expandable Conveyors: Flexible and Expandable Portable Gravity Conveyors are ideal for shipping, receiving, assembly and packaging stations. Retractable, portable conveyors reduce to 25% of expanded length for compact storage. Gravity conveyors have 5-1/4″ axle centers for 11″ minimum package size. Portable, extendable conveyors bend around a 12″ radius. Expandable Skate Wheel Conveyors offer smooth movement of multi-size material. Expandable Roller Conveyors are ideal for material with flat or complex bottoms and have galvanized steel rollers, sealed bearings and spring loaded axles.

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