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Material Handling, Loading Dock and Storage Equipment Specialists

Old-Fashioned Service. Honesty. Integrity. Valued Products... Since 1995

Structural Pallet Rack-Heavy Duty Warehouse Racking, Design, Installation. Columbus, Ohio

Structural Pallet Rack sometimes referred to as Heavy Duty Pallet, Storage or Warehouse Rack is the perfect solution when greater capacities than that of standard Selective Pallet Rack are required. In general terms, Selective (roll formed) Pallet Rack goes as high as ~9,000 lbs. capacity per pair of 96”L Beams. Structural Pallet Rack goes considerably higher and is generally constructed with high-strength, structural steel C-Channels for added toughness and rigidity.  We offer 3″ and 4″ upright posts with sturdy structural steel bracing. Heavy-duty structural beams range from 3″ to 6″ in height to meet the most demanding load criteria. Structural Rack includes a unique safety feature, a bolted connection which is a far superior method to connect Beam to Upright than standard “fingered” connector plates.

Structural Racking is more common in certain industries and in different areas of the county. Due to its structural construction, Structural Rack is the preferred method of bulk storage in seismic areas. Additionally, as a result of its enhanced impact resistance, Structural Rack is the perfect solution for high bay storage, cooler, cold bay or refrigerated applications. Additional uses of Structural Pallet Rack include: Drive-In and Drive-Thru Racks, Push Back Rack as well as Pallet/Carton Flow Rack.

Structural Rack can also be manufactured in a hybrid configuration, sometimes referred to as Interchangeable Structural, which combines C-Channel Uprights and roll formed, Teardrop Style Beams. This option is a cost-effective solution and is available with interchangeable teardrop punched uprights and roll-formed beams with automatic locking devices that snap into place. This also saves time and labor during installation.

Structural pallet racking is designed to prevent and limit damage from forklift abuse. The posts and beams are constructed from structural steel and are much thicker than roll-formed posts, particularly at the corners which are the primary impact points.

Contact us with any special structural rack designs, including high-capacity (ultra-high) Pick Modules or Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS Systems), all engineered to assure project compatibility.

Allow our experienced team to provide custom layout, engineering as well as custom installation on all items.

All of our Selective Pallet Rack products and systems are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Advantages include:

Allow our team of experienced professionals to help you create and design a storage rack system specific to your unique application!

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